02 December 2010

The Sky At The Setting Sun


Nitish said...

1st one is great, like the colors! However u still not solved the blurred issue on the 2nd one?

davina said...

toi meme qui a pris ces photos

Inf said...

Likes colors on 1st one!

There's a bit too much sky and not enough ground showing. :)

Prisca said...

i like both of them :)

Neelesh said...

@Nitish I did not focus properly that's why it is blurred.

@Davina Yes, it is me who took these photos.

@Inf, I was in a difficult location. That's why i could not get more of the ground showing.

@Prisca, Thanks honey

Inf said...

Ah... too bad. The colors are just awesome. The one you shot (mountain ranges) had perfect ground-sky proportion.

Neelesh said...

@Inf: This one was shot above my house. There are buildings near that ruins the shot as they are too near. I will have to make another attempt. :)

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