08 November 2010

Got Bokeh?

Let me bore you with loads of bokeh. Without ado, here we go...

So what do you think? Improvements?

How can I do  better?


Yashvin said...

Definitely, practice makes perfect!

To avoid blurred shots like a few above (Let's keep it simple) :
- Use a higher ISO
- Use a faster shutter
- Open your aperture.
You can use the 3 at same time, or adjust accordingly

Prisca said...

really beautiful...

viper said...

like!! :)....get rid of those unwanted blurred effects on the last few snaps! ;)

Neelesh said...

Thanks for your support. :)

Especially Yashvin for dropping tips now and then.

Prisca, thank you for dropping.

I am still experimenting.:)

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