30 October 2010

Is This What We Call Bokeh?

First attempt to do a "bokeh". I always thought it was easy to do, but reality hit hard on my face.

After this "desperate" attempt, I  resourced myself online about the procedures to a "bokeh" and whatever I did to achieve this so called "bokeh" was nothing of the sort.

So is this what we call "bokeh"?

Share your tips about bokeh. :)


Yashvin said...

Not exactly.
The bokeh is part of the image which is out of focus. To achieve a bokeh, you must first focus some point(s). In your case, you have simply blurred the whole image.
Try this one : With the same set up as above, place an object or your finger *not the middle one* nearer to the camera. Then, focussing on the object will normally blur the background (depending on camera settings). Also, try to place some lights or a candle on the table, it might help you to achieve a nice bokeh in the set up above.

There might be different ways but here's what I advise you. Always make sure that the point you are focusing is quite far enough from the background. You won't get any bokeh if your focusing point lies on the same plane as the background image.

Bokeh also depends on the depth of field etc, but I won't bother you with those details now.

Neelesh said...

I played with the camera today. Got to know more about it.

In the guide mode, it is recommended to use a lens of atleast 88mm to have blurred background (a.k.a bokeh).

What lens are you using for this? I got a 18mm-55mm (3.5-5.5f) right now.

I will invest in a telephoto lens later on.

Yashvin said...

Well, you can make bokeh with the kit lens, dont worry. I just noticed that you had shot a nice one (the first rose).

A longer telephoto lens will allow you to achieve nicer ones. Never underestimate your kit lens. Here's a few nice bokehs I had with it :

Remember, everything lies in the depth of field, bring down you aperture and always have a large distance between the subject and the background.

Neelesh said...

I am experimenting. When I will understand how it works well there would be better bokeh. :)

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