05 September 2010

Buckle Up PAPM

I  Came
I Requested
I Became Member

Yesterday itself I requested to join their Facebook group, where all their(Yes, I am now family) our activities are concentrated.

I am not used to click on the "Discussions" tab. I clicked and yeah, it is quite a busy one. I said to myself, "will check this out later"

Basically, you request to join the group and an admin will come towards you, she/he will ask you some questions, you reply and if approved, you are a member. Simple. :)

You will be asked to show some of your photos. I didn't have many to show. Want to know which one? Mina - The Neko

If you would see things straight, that means I will be posting more photos now on this blog. :)

If you are interested in photography, do join the group and be an active member. This will help you genes to kick  and be more into it. :)


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