22 September 2010

Blogger Stats

In my quest to blog more often here I come with a something about "Blogger Stats".

After having typed the above line, I feel negativity taking over me; the desire to close this tab is growing stronger and stronger.

I happened to log-in my blogger account to see if there are some comments (Maybe you have been dropping comments like bombs) to moderate and I noticed the the stats link in the dashboard.

Immediately, my brain associated my Google Analytics Account and my Blogger Account. But it does not quite make sense. As far as I remember, I did not allow access to Google Analytics to make its "home" in my Blogger Dashboard.

To satisfy my curiosity, I clicked!

My first thought; take Google Analytics heart and transplant it to Blogger and tweak it for it.

Well, the transplant was not as big of a success; the heart did lose some mass.

Bottomline, it is has the feel of analytics and gives you enough insight on the ins and outs of your weblog.

Clicking here and there, I started to see a better picture of my weblog. I understood better sources of traffic and what pays and what not.

It will help me to optimise for traffic. Yay

I end here, I hope brethren enjoys the new "tab" they have been given of.

Peace out

At this point I have already posted this blog post and opened my next browser tab to continue browsing and I said to myself, I just forgot to write about the magnificent chart found in the stats tab.

They are all images. You can generate some using It makes sense that they use home grown tools.

A simple Google returned what my mind was looking for. :)

10 September 2010

Reading Differently

Credits :  ElementsOfPersuasion; DeviantArt
Fact is I love to read. During the college days, I did not missed the "library period". Rings something in your head? Yes? No?

"Library Period" is reserved for each class at college so that they can lend book from the college's library.

Reading brings enlightenment to one's being. At some point in time, I was young. I used to read lots of books. And at some point further in time, my activities with books receded and finally it saw a halt.

This was when I grew up. No Story Books. :/ I was big enough to read technical books; programming, database and the likes. You know, the sort that would normally blow your head's fuse or just explode like a dynamite.

So what? They were still books. They were physical. You could touch them and at times even sleep with them. (I know this is a bit gross). Eyes did not pain staring...

Got a hint about what I am talking about? Yes, e-books. Easy to find and easy to not finish them. Well it you just need to apply yourself a bit and you can finish a whole book.

Reading my e-books I end up being too long in front of my computer, staring and making an effort to read more and more. At times, end up not reading them at all or reading them partially.

It is 2010 and changes need to happen.

I am working, so I can afford to buy stuffs.

I am working, I tend up to come home tired and want to rest.

So there is no time to read. :/ And then I read a Mauritian blogger who bought an Amazon Kindle. That got me thinking I need to have one.

Think! It does help you read on the move. And I thought even harder since I have used an iPad at work.

So I step back a little and start thinking harder and harder until my head is about to explode. You must be happy? Well, don't be. I didn't let it happen and proof is I am writing this.

Below are all the options I considered:
  1. iPad
  2. Amazon Kindle
  3. HP Slate
  4. Netbook
  5. Tablet PC
Most probably, I will be going for an Amazon Kindle. I will be a little heart broken, there will be no coloured magazines for me.

The Amazon Kindle is not planned for the immediate. Most probably, after October I will buy one. Till then, I can afford to take rest. ;)

05 September 2010

Buckle Up PAPM

I  Came
I Requested
I Became Member

Yesterday itself I requested to join their Facebook group, where all their(Yes, I am now family) our activities are concentrated.

I am not used to click on the "Discussions" tab. I clicked and yeah, it is quite a busy one. I said to myself, "will check this out later"

Basically, you request to join the group and an admin will come towards you, she/he will ask you some questions, you reply and if approved, you are a member. Simple. :)

You will be asked to show some of your photos. I didn't have many to show. Want to know which one? Mina - The Neko

If you would see things straight, that means I will be posting more photos now on this blog. :)

If you are interested in photography, do join the group and be an active member. This will help you genes to kick  and be more into it. :)

Mina - The Neko

Loses part of her ear every time. She must be having regular fights. ;)