23 August 2010

What matters the most to you?

I was reading an article at unclutterer about "What matters the most to you?". And it made me think what matters the most to me.

If I look at this question at the other way round; it would be "What I would like to really do?"

Here is a quick list

  1. Maintain a website that people would use and be of some help to them
  2. Learn guitar
  3. Master Photography
  4. Do more blogging (Did you noticed? Posts are more regular now.)
What about you? What matters the most to you?

I have opted to write something about this topic so that I can keep the momentum.


Yashvin said...

Hey, that could be interesting to compare our common to-do lists :P

In order to improve my photographic skills, I am trying to dedicate more time spent with my camera. Practice makes perfect!

Next, I should be resuming my studies but I keep postponing the exams.

Else, I am trying to reduce the number of monthly posts on my blog. This might allow me to get more time for myself and find more interesting debates. Perhaps also, get more time for promoting the blog.

That's all from me ;)

Neelesh said...

I am trying to stay less in front of my computer.

Thus, I will be able to dedicate more time to guitar and be able to do some reading.

I am motivated with blogging. I have seen the number of subscribers increase a little bit.

So more community work needed.

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