06 August 2010

Timmy has been saved!

Look at "him", innocent and victim of "inhumanity" of some retarded people. Yes, I said it, retarded. I don't know what you will be thinking about how I Christianised  him; "Timmy".

If you asked me why Timmy? I would probably say that Timmy because it is kick-ass as a name, it makes you feel ticklish and it feels good to call "Timmy".

Fortunately Timmy has been saved.Woops, I haven't yet said why. Here it is; Some retarded people instead of finding Timmy a home, they opted to abandon throw him away in a wasteland. Would you be horrified to know that the plot was actually a closed one? Where Timmy cannot move out? Yes, Timmy couldn't go outside.

This would without doubt resulted in his death out of famine. I asked myself again and again, how can people be so cold hearted. Reader are you cold hearted? If yes, get yourself raped and go suicide. (I would love to watch you die out of famine)

One of the options would be I adopt Timmy. Unfortunately, this was not feasible. I already got like 9 dogs at home. Yes, I got nine. You read it right.

The only option left find Timmy a home. I tried to contact friends and relatives who would be willing to make Timmy family.

All the attempts failed. No one was ready to take Timmy in. I can't really force them. This was no reason to have hope.

I got Timmy a carton box house for him and fed him everyday.

*Tada*, last Sunday, someone who lives nearby wanted to adopt a puppy. That is another story. Somehow, she ended up adopting Timmy. Isn't that great?

Today, I hear Timmy is having a good life. Live long Timmy. I will be visiting him one of these days.

I intended to write a post requesting potential adopters to be humane and give Timmy a life.

How do you feel about this? It is a common occurrence in Mauritius. I don't think people will change. Cruelty towards animals will continue to happen.


viper said...

Grrrr.....ena dimounes dan moris ban vre saleT! Au moins toi to 1 sauveur toutou!! Aster Timmy pu ok! :)....just ki mo p imaginer comien cas ena partou dan moris tous les jours dimounes abandone lichiens. Pfff

Neelesh said...

Mone essaie gueT si mo trouve li kot dimoune la. Pas p trouve li. :)

Ler trouve dimoune la mo pou demande li.

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