15 August 2010

Learn from your mistakes

It is human to err. But, it is wrong to err for long. Fact is I am learning guitar since long. I should really quote learning; "learning".
Credits: DreamcatcherOfGrim (DeviantArt)

Let me first introduce you to my guitar. It is a classical guitar; Yamaha C70. Quite a versatile one and I was recommended to start my rock star career with. :P

Nylon Strings man. They say, it helps you develop your skills. Have I been able to? Truth is, yes, I have been able to develop my motor skills a little bit. But...

I am on a boat alone in the ocean of music. Man, it's hard. Well, not really. I just don't have the proper guide.

And now am I at the purpose why I wrote this post. I quite messed up.

First, guitar out of tune. Well not really. I don't know where is my guitar tuner's manual. The settings were not set correctly. I know it does not makes sense. It ought to be something simple with which you have orgasm when tuning your guitar. Yes, you do have orgasms. They are so big that you are not able to tune your guitar.

To stop having such uncontrollable orgasms you need to flip a small switch on the side of my guitar tuner. This was not until yesterday that I discovered this small toy. Well, the purpose of this switch.

I am new to music. I said MUSIC. You know when you strum your guitar, it produces melodious sounds and you feel gay happy. You do not obtain happiness just like that. You need to go though some major steps first. Like being wrong.

(Drum roll please: *tada*)

Introducing Audio Tuner
Audio Tuner
Available even for your mobile. Isn't that good news. And...And it is free. Isn't that great? What? I heard it isn't. Well, I hope you have a painful death and you got no penny left to pay for your funeral.

With this tool I have been able to master and become the master of guitar tuning. :) I feel pride pounding on my chest almost ripping it off. (:s Scary)

When I got my guitar in tune, tried to see the difference with my guitar tuner. And hell yeah, by chance I said, "let me flip that switch". Yes, there it is; I no longer got overwhelming orgasms. That made my day.

Strum Strum Strum Strum... Until your hand is worn off. Woops, I was strumming the wrong way. Better be late that never. My friend Neekesh pointed that very big mistake to me and I have tried to correct it.

Got to work on my up strokes now. :) Wish me luck people.

I don't really know what to talk about. I end here.



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