27 July 2010

"The Web Project" - A tiny little weblog

You must be wondering another weblog in the "blogosphere". Right? Well, this one has another story... Let me tell you the story.. (Wasn't it supposed to be a review?)

The Web Project

The Author is quite passionate about his weblog. He is a Mauritian just like me and a friend to me. He does not throws new contents everyday, but he does writes something now and then. His, I said it well, his name is Nitish. For the time being let's just know him by the name of "Nitish". :p

Look at the name, "The Web Project". Well not that fancy as a name but you get it right? What it is about. It is my friend's web project (Long story cut short: one of the many assignments we have at university). He owns the platform. What's great about this? It is his. (+1).

What is greater? He can also write articles. Isn't that great? IMHO, it is. :P

Time to share the link to the weblog. Here we go:

It is a minimal blogging platform. As i would be saying "still in its infancy". Don't you love to see small kids? Well see this one. It has got the basic parts, ability to write new posts and comment on posts.

Sorry folks, there is no RSS feeds and email notifications for the time being. *Work In Progress Sign*. :P

That was about passion for the platform. Hey hey, i know it has not got the bells and whistles of the big guys; talk WordPress, Blogger and the other dudes, but respect.

This weblog is not a "niche" blog. It has its own things going over there. First of all it is a personal weblog. (First Thing First :P). Well, Nitish writes his mind off. Maybe we will be seeing some rants and raves. Who knows better? Nitish?

Well, this was an "amateurish" approach to introducing a weblog to you. I hope you pay your respect for this dude.

And yes, hey dudes and dudettes. I wrote a something. :P Catch up with you soon.

21 July 2010


As per the tag line on its website "The best free white noise generator on the Internet", is actually gold.

I tried it and totally loved it. I won't be giving much info over here about it. Just head over to the website and read about it. :P

DownloadSquad wrote more about it.  Well a little more. (DownloadSquad's Article)