31 May 2010

The last five months of my life

January 02 I last wrote something. Way to go Neelesh. :) May the 31st, the end of the month of May.And tomorrow, a start of a new month, June.

June? Well, after the 7th, I will be officially in holidays. Right now, I am in mini-holidays. :) On June 7th, I will be having my presentation for my dissertation. Aie, more works need to  be done. :)

What has the five last months of my life been like? I believe, refreshing. Taking a new look at the way I see things. And and...

I got my driving license. Want to know how? 

Let me walk you through the whole learning how to drive again and the driving test mumbo jumbo. ;P

In 2007, I did somewhat "learn" how to drive a car. The learning process was a painful one, as I did so by going to tuitions, "avec auto-├ęcole". I don't have anything particular against them, but... The tutor, did not showed me how to use the brake. This is normally not something to be "teached", but, you should be at ease with it. As far as I remember, I never touched the brakes. People out there, look out for this. Second important thing, the implied "code de route" that was learnt and examined in the oral test, was not being put totally in practice. Want to know why? I did never took the left most lane first on a three way carriage and then shift to the middle lane to then turn to the right. In short, "auto-├ęcole" was an eye opening experience. Not every tutor is the same. My friend Yasir recommended, someone to me. He taught well. I think, he is Yashvin's uncle. (See with Yashvin). :)

For me, I did learn how to drive in a private car and took my test in a private car. Yes, I passed the test. :) My uncle taught me how to drive. :) For the curious ones, my cousin and me took the test on the same day and we both passed the test.

Side note: Out of 50+ people going on test per day only about 5 pass their test. That sucks. Where are we going people?

Does it look like, I just talked about all the bad stuffs and leave the good stuffs aside? If yes, so be it. :)

What's next I will be talkin?
My whole 5 monthish something was time spent at university, assignment, programming, test, exams and end of year project.

Painful people! That was painful. :)

That must be it, the last five months of my life.

What about the remaining months of this year of my life?
I can only say, I got tons to catch up. :)

I forgot something...("Something something in the month of May" LOL). I did vote for the legislative for the first time. I am pretty "old" and this is my first time. Well, the last time, I was younger by 2 days, so I was not allowed to vote. :) 14 + 2 = 16 :)

I hope to catch up with you sooner. :)