21 November 2009

What if you got 22 Million in loto?

Today, it is the third draw of the Loto, in Mauritius and the first time I have played.

What would you have done if you got 22 Million Rupees in loto?

  • Stopped studying?
  • Take a trip to explore the continents?
  • Buy yourself a car?
  • Pay tax for all your life?
  • Make a donation?
  • Help your siblings to have better education?
Taking a dollar ($1) to be Rs 30 (MRU).
22,000,000 = $(22,000,000/30) = $ 733333.3333333333
Is that a lot for you dudes and dudettes? Some friends said, they would just be doing nothing, just relax for all their life. :/

I would perhaps sponsor the studies of my cousins and brother and build an eco-friendly house.

I love spaces, so I would care that there are enough spaces everywhere and have pretty much of plants to have a natural environment.

Well, I am not the winner of the 22 Million rupees, i should be toiling hard to make all this happen. :)

Have a great evening people.


Yashvin said...

Arrete travail mo pas trop croire akoz to pu fini plein assizer toute longue la vie.
Mais ene ti pause wi, lerla rode ene ti boulot, tipti tipti :P

Apres, I guess change everything, new car, new house but I will keep the current gf :P LOL.

N travel a bit... Le tour du monde en 2000 jours :P

Bruno said...

Sponsor your family? :S Where did you fetch such an idea??!! :S

I would have bought a house, with solar panels, a wind turbine, rain water collection and a provencal well. I almost finished my studies ... so the rest might go towards a car, or some dividends in a safe cie, insurance ...

Neelesh said...

Bruno, I did not meant sponsor my family. I meant finance their education. I don't know from where sponsor came in my mind. :/

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