21 November 2009

What if you got 22 Million in loto?

Today, it is the third draw of the Loto, in Mauritius and the first time I have played.

What would you have done if you got 22 Million Rupees in loto?

  • Stopped studying?
  • Take a trip to explore the continents?
  • Buy yourself a car?
  • Pay tax for all your life?
  • Make a donation?
  • Help your siblings to have better education?
Taking a dollar ($1) to be Rs 30 (MRU).
22,000,000 = $(22,000,000/30) = $ 733333.3333333333
Is that a lot for you dudes and dudettes? Some friends said, they would just be doing nothing, just relax for all their life. :/

I would perhaps sponsor the studies of my cousins and brother and build an eco-friendly house.

I love spaces, so I would care that there are enough spaces everywhere and have pretty much of plants to have a natural environment.

Well, I am not the winner of the 22 Million rupees, i should be toiling hard to make all this happen. :)

Have a great evening people.

07 November 2009

Got Google Wave invitation

I have got 8 Google Wave invitations and I don't quite know what I will do with these precious invites.

Anyone got ideas? ;)

I know I should be inviting people, but who?