09 October 2009

Re-Booting - Make Your Suggestions

How do you spend your time? I find it hard to properly manage my time. This has got many impacts:
  • Cannot read enough
  • Cannot read enough feeds
  • Cannot blog
  • Cannot tweet
  • Cannot watch movies
  • Cannot watch anime
  • Cannot read mangas
  • Cannot work on personal projects
  • Cannot be active socially
All the above are the victims of one just one thing, the want to go to sleep early. Unlike, my friends, I am to bed about 22.30. Is that a good thing?

There are some friends who are up as late as 02.00 or even 03.00. How can they do that?

How can I get the maximum, while sleeping early? Make your suggestions.


James A. Langbridge said...

How? Near lethal doses of caffeine do the trick. My major problem is 4 to 5 hours of transport a day, there are some things you just cannot do on a train... Especially this one. It also means I get up very early, and therefore go to sleep relatively early. *sigh* So I'm around 22:30 to... The question is, what time do you get up?

Yashvin said...

Dreaming.... that's your solution to all your problems. lol

Do everything in ur dream ;)

Neelesh said...

@Yashvin Dreaming is not the solution. We live in a material world, so we need to be concrete.

@James I get up at 04.45. I do a bit of uni work about 07.00 i help at home, then At 08.00 I am off to uni.

I guess after uni, I will have more time to do all the things I want to do. :)

morinn said...

Hello, it would be worthwhile to let us know at what time you usually wake up too. Do you wake up relatively early in the morning? Anyway, I usually don't sleep that late too, perhaps around 11 or 10 pm too. I wake up quite early though and I catch up on reading or twitter or blog posts. When it comes to books, I read them mostly in the bus. I spend around 3 hours travelling to and from Reduit and that's some precious reading time. As for movies, I do watch 1 or 2 per week depending on my free time, usually on Friday nights or Saturday nights.
The end note of all this is to make the most of your free time. If your studies is taking up most of your time this year, just bear with it, perhaps next year will be better as you start working.
I hope you do find the time to relax and do the stuff you love. Cheers!

Neelesh said...

@morinn I wake up at about 05.00 am. I believe, my studies are taking up my time. :)

nav said...

Prioritise. Your studies should come first. Then make a list, in order of priority, of the things you want to do. You will probably find that you can't do all the things on the list, and maybe can only manage one or two, but at least you are doing the things that are important to you.
You wake up at 5.00am so i think 22.30 is a good time to go to sleep. The average person needs 7-8 hours sleep.
Finally, maybe learn to multi-task. For example, you could read on the way to uni if you take the bus.
You could also perhaps use the weekend for the less important tasks :)

Hope that helps a little. I've been through the whole 'uni-lifestyle' it can be very difficult to fit everything in. But if you prioritise and try to multi-task you'll find that you will get more things done.


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