16 October 2009

Better Mauritius

What's the plan?
We must all be having ideas how to make a better Mauritius. Am I right? I am trying to setup a common platform where people can suggest ideas and discuss.

At first it seemed an appealing ideas, the more I thought about it, the less appealing it became. :/ The next thing I did before the idea totally slipped through, I created a facebook page. This is only the first step towards maybe a bigger thing.

Can can you do?
  • Become a fan and participate in the facebook page
  • Talk about this idea on your blog
  • Think about what can be done more and blog about it
  • Send me an email with suggestions or a link to your blog post on neel [dot] ramputh [at] gmail [dot] com
Those who believes in this idea and want to help are most welcomed. Almost all the activities will be done on facebook at start. Later on you can help me figure out what can be done.

There are many things that must be done. I am looking for help.

Thanks, Neelesh


Yashvin said...

Hello there.

A very nice idea which is alike to that on TopFm which proposes people to come on air and behave as "a one day prime minister". Unfortunately, words only can't make a better mauritius.

This said, people should not only say how we can make mauritius a better place but they should be making it happen.

And making things happen is indeed not an easy task.
Good luck in your idea.

Neelesh said...

I know this is not an so easy task. I will need help. Anyone wanting to help is most welcomed.

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