07 September 2009

My so weird status messages on facebook!

That is right, I have often heard people complaining, "what are the weird messages that you are writing on facebook" or even some saying "Always seeing twitter".

The best thing I can do, let them die with their ignorance. So, it is a good-bye, twitter updates on facebook.

I have disabled "Publish to stream", in twitter application.

When they can't understand, what the function of delete tag from photos is, I can't expect them to understand what I am talking and what twitter is all about.

Die in your ignorance.

And yes, the "delete my tag story is a good one". LOL. A someone got tagged in a photo and the photo received some attention. That is obvious, those tags will have notifications proportional to the number of responses. So I got a response from a tagged person, "can you remove my tag please?".

Hell yeah, what does that means? huh, you are the one tagged, so you can delete your tag yourself.

Fuck you.

Is our job of simplifying everything as a developer so bad, that a simple delete tag is something difficult to grasp?

So they still believe in "Petit Papa Noel".


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