24 September 2009

Feeling Linked

One cannot ignore the feeling of loneliness creeping up in our skin. Feeling rejected, nobody to confide in and most importantly losing confidence in oneself. This do happen when you do not feel linked.

I would describe "feeling linked" as having a special relationship with any kind of entity; a person, an object, an animal, the nature. Well anything that a human can get attached to.

This whole process of "feeling linked" is a projection of our mind when we are benefiting a feel good factor of any in a relationship. Don't you feel linked when you care about someone, you have sex with your partner, you satisfactorily completed a task of any kind.

Among all the ways of maintaining relationships, the most difficult one is human-human. We always have divergence of opinions that splits us. Can we overlook all kinds of divergence and converge as a single body? No, we can't. Look around! Can you see all the conflicting hearts?

Being able to make conversation with people is yet another way to feel linked. Sharing your thoughts, experience; well sharing your experience in short. I would call that doing some "bondings".

I personally feel not so at ease at making conversation. It like I am making an effort to talk to people. Why is that so? I am someone reserved? Or I just don't want to make conversation? I would rather say, it's the former.

This particular situation comes when someone has been oppressed for a long time by a stronger power. This breaks one's "relations" making faculty. (From where did I found that?). Or even by some kind of event in one life.

Either way, you should always try to feel linked in your life. Only then that you would be able to have a rich and healthy life.

Love and get loved. That is the chain of "feeling linked". Happy loving.

10 September 2009

Fixing what is not broken

I have changed my blogger theme, and this is how it looks.

You know what template I am using?

It looks so broken, yet it is not. :P A representative name, W like in Wikipedia :P, has written it in such a way that there is minimum usage of widgets and focus is made on what we would want.

This template is not for those who would not want to get their hand dirty with html, css and javascript. :)

Bit by bit, I hope I can get it working.

07 September 2009

My so weird status messages on facebook!

That is right, I have often heard people complaining, "what are the weird messages that you are writing on facebook" or even some saying "Always seeing twitter".

The best thing I can do, let them die with their ignorance. So, it is a good-bye, twitter updates on facebook.

I have disabled "Publish to stream", in twitter application.

When they can't understand, what the function of delete tag from photos is, I can't expect them to understand what I am talking and what twitter is all about.

Die in your ignorance.

And yes, the "delete my tag story is a good one". LOL. A someone got tagged in a photo and the photo received some attention. That is obvious, those tags will have notifications proportional to the number of responses. So I got a response from a tagged person, "can you remove my tag please?".

Hell yeah, what does that means? huh, you are the one tagged, so you can delete your tag yourself.

Fuck you.

Is our job of simplifying everything as a developer so bad, that a simple delete tag is something difficult to grasp?

So they still believe in "Petit Papa Noel".

Dissertation Time

University has already resumed long back, and yes, I was rather excited. They long holiday is over and time to work.

My third year is not bad, with modules made in heaven for us. In fact, we are blessed with 4 modules to be ran throughout the year. :) 2 cores and 2 electives.

This year we were given the opportunity to choose whatever electives we wanted to do. Yay. Don't ask how it normally is done!!!

Now back to the purpose of this post. It is time for dissertation. I don't really this this will be an issue for me. But, for others it is.

One of my acquaintance even cried. She did not got her first choice. Well, there are some issues concerning the way allocation of dissertation is done. Well, I would not be commenting on this.

I just hope that I will be able to work and have the results at the end of the year.