27 July 2009

The Sidebar Real Estate

We have got brains, we need to use them. I happen to notice, my current layout has a lot of "sidebar real estate". I should use them.

First of all zap the Alexa Rank widget. It does not adds pretty much to the blog. :)

What can be added:
  • Twitter Feed
  • Blogroll - AList
  • Some feedback stuffs
I am already short of Ideas. Can you help me?

Neelesh :)


morinn said...

I always think some colours are most welcomed in sidebars. Perhaps a Picasa or Flickr album widget could do the trick?

sjdvda said...

Tag Cloud, Google Friend Connect, MyBlogLog, various badges... :)

Neelesh Ramputh said...

I like the idea of Photo gallery Morinn. Unfortunately I am not yet someone who can snap snap photos. :(

Why not develop my own Widget. :)

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