26 July 2009

How I kill time

I believe by far this is the worst way someone can kill time. I learn. And a lot. Is that weird? Seeing what my friends normally do, I say, "is something wrong?". They are:
  • Gaming
  • Watching Movies/Tv Shows and the likes
  • Going out
  • And ...
Going back...

About 1 year back, I blogged more often. Frequency? Very frequent. I can still remember I was awarded "Post Of the Week" the first time I emailed "The MBB Panel" to include my blog in their list. This must have motivated me.

Nowadays. It is not so often. About 1+ years back I and InF started GeekScribes. On and Off, I come up with tutorials and all. I don't happen to have that same spirit as before. It is gone. :( Rather sad!!

Going even further, I gamed a lot. It occured when I had my first personal computer. It was not so personal. Everyone at home used it. I can still remember how often it crashed with Windows 98. Later on, upgraded to Windows XP.

Time for confession. I have been using pirated Windows for like all my life. Until recently when I used Windows 7. I was a tester for Microsoft. :P

Indimated by the Pirates from Somali, I decided to use Linux Full time. Quite a good experience. I am open source now. Well, while using Windows, I was primarily using Opensource and freewares. Kind of fed up with all the junkies. Trajans, malware and their brothers and sisters.

And, I like to learn. So it makes some sense to use Linux. How much it contributed in convincing me to use Linux? 0.1% maybe.
  •  C/C++ can be done on Linux
  • Python is available in Linux
  • Java is available in Linux
  • PHP is availalbe in Linux
  • Almost all the languages that I might use is available in Linux.
  • Open Office is here for document processing
  • LyX is here in Linux (I prefer LyX)

Well, the Linux community has matured...

Hmm, where were I? I rember Vice City and Hitman. Had my time. Well, things changed now.

The "objective" of this post was to tell you people why I blog seldomly. I learn a lot. Going to have a dose of "Python". Those who are going to tell me that Python sucks. I propose that they start learning C.

Catch up with you people soon. :)


Ashfaq said...

C is nice :) haha.. first program i wrote 3 years ago .. was of 3 lines.. it was a program to say hello world .. lolzz :)

Neelesh Ramputh said...

You should forget the typical confidence builder "hello world" now. It should be "Yes, bring it on. I am ready"

This will get you into the mindset.

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