24 July 2009

The Blogroll Needs Some Work

As the post title suggests, my blogroll indeed needs some work. Maybe at night I will be working on it. I have scrapped all the links that I previously had.

So who will make it up in the blog roll list?


sjdvda said...

Added you to my blogroll. :)

Bruno said...

I guess my blog wont be in your list ... lol it's only the 2nd time I visit your blog anywayz :P

Neelesh Ramputh said...

Guess what Bruno. I subscribed to your
RSS feed. :)

morinn said...

Blogrolled you too. Hope you'll be posting more often. ;)

Yashvin said...

Added you too!

Hope that I will see my url here :P

Neelesh Ramputh said...


@all I will come up with a "AList" solution that will cater for the missing "Blogroll" in the near future.

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