20 May 2009

Life After Exams

Has been quite long that I have blogged over here. :D I have been blogging at GeekScribes and was having exams. Want to know how were the exams going? Catastrophic. I am not the type who can learn a whole big big pot and go to exams the next day.

Doing some assignments have been great. I have been productive at them. Done a great job.

This for instance. I have been able to score an "above expectation". But was it worth it? I guess not. The exams have a major importance in how "Mauritius works". :-/

Friday would be last day of torture. I better give my best shot for it. :D

So What are the Plans?

IMHO, it would be playing left 4 dead online. It would be full of team speak and hopefully for a cracked l4d server.

Seriously I am thinking of doing internship. Any web company willing? On the university's forum (cse) there is mention of Vinivi willing for an intake. But I would so want to get a decent salary so as I can save some.

Get my hand dirty with some twitter api. I have had some tweets with the support dept about the api. I am waiting for another response. So where am I planning to use it? Just hope you see it

Kind of, I will need to learn more on php security. The internet is full of guides. Yatai. :D

About the "project" I will update you on it later. :D

Yasir talked about going to Ile Aux Cerfs. That is a good idea. I so want a DSLR. Hey, do you think I am willing to work to buy one? I so envy my friend Heetesh who can work and buy his own stuffs. xD

I always wanted to learn Graphics Design so much. This time will I be able to? Or will I just be lazy lazy.

I guess it would just be freedom after exams. :D That is it.