28 February 2009

The top 10 most important things I will do before I turn 30

"Action may not always be happiness, but there is no happiness without action"
If we want to have a life of purpose we should do somthing. Most probably it would be from nobody to somebody. I am not going to talk on how you can do it. It is something rather complex. Why the choice of 30? No, it is not the golden age. In short, it means nothing. It is just 3 multiplied by 10. :P
  1. Own a company
  2. Have 2 children. (I want 3 though)
  3. Have my own house
  4. Finish my studies. (Does that mean do PHD?)
  5. Own a car
  6. Own a trimaran
  7. Be settled in life
  8. Do a major donation in some home
  9. Helps some NGOs fighting for animals
  10. Tour the world.
Many of the above mentioned points are rather irealistic. I found something to write about even though. OMG I am already 21. :D Times flies.


morinn said...

I think my priorities differ a little from this. For instance, I would not want to tour the world before 30. I never would want to tour the world for that matter! lol

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