27 February 2009

Random Stuffs

Trying to resume from long time of no blogging. Lets write some random stuffs. :)

  1. I don't know what to blog
  2. I am caught up in my studies
  3. I had a mega fight with my girl-friend and it is rather bad. (She does not want to see my face)
  4. I am learning Maya 8.5 PLE
  5. I played Left 4 Dead yesterday
  6. I Learnt Maya the whole day
  7. Just finished reading on Deadlocks
  8. I apologized to my girl-friend (Prisca) and got no response
  9. Nick said the movie "Watchmen" is promising
  10. Tomorrow is Saturday
  11. I have 4 mega assignments to do (If my counting is right)
  12. I have major interests in photography (cannot afford equipments)
  13. I love color blue
  14. I am hard working but lazy
  15. I love programming in PHP
  16. I will be learning AJAX soon
  17. I have not gone to university today
  18. I am not feeling well
  19. I cannot make conversations
  20. My girl-friend said "Falling in love is easy but hard to maintain". It is true
  21. I am bad at what I do
  22. I play Mafia Wars in Facebook
  23. I love graphics design
  24. I will learn Adobe Photoshop eventually
  25. I need time to understand myself
  26. I am complicated
  27. I need very much of attention
  28. I am so bad at language
  29. I want to learn Japanese
  30. I want to own a Trimaran
  31. I want to have 3 kids
  32. I bought a 650w Cooler Master PSU
  33. I hope I can continue writing tit bits
  34. I am still waiting for a response
  35. Looks like my Alexa Rank updated
  36. I use TL
  37. I use Demonoid
  38. The Pirate Bay's case is very interesting
  39. Navina Elliah is a good friend of mine
  40. Nick is my teacher
  41. I love reading
  42. I have written one entry in a slam book the first time
  43. I care for my friends (they care for me even though they do not show it)
  44. carrotmadman6 is a fabulous blogger
  45. I am missing Zi
  46. Where the hell is Preetesh
  47. I coded Freetraders
  48. I am loving Terminator - The Sarah Connor's Chronicles
  49. I watch Anime
  50. One Piece is a great show


carrotmadman6 said...

LOL That's a lot of thoughts!

Thanks for appreciating me! :D

Neel Sama said...

My pleasure

sjdvda said...

Lol when I think I could also use more than half of these excuses for not writing a post since the start of January

Neel Sama said...

Well, the only difference is that I had test and assignments. :)

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