28 February 2009

Quote #11

"The best teachers of humanity are the lives of great men."

The top 10 most important things I will do before I turn 30

"Action may not always be happiness, but there is no happiness without action"
If we want to have a life of purpose we should do somthing. Most probably it would be from nobody to somebody. I am not going to talk on how you can do it. It is something rather complex. Why the choice of 30? No, it is not the golden age. In short, it means nothing. It is just 3 multiplied by 10. :P
  1. Own a company
  2. Have 2 children. (I want 3 though)
  3. Have my own house
  4. Finish my studies. (Does that mean do PHD?)
  5. Own a car
  6. Own a trimaran
  7. Be settled in life
  8. Do a major donation in some home
  9. Helps some NGOs fighting for animals
  10. Tour the world.
Many of the above mentioned points are rather irealistic. I found something to write about even though. OMG I am already 21. :D Times flies.

27 February 2009

Random Stuffs

Trying to resume from long time of no blogging. Lets write some random stuffs. :)

  1. I don't know what to blog
  2. I am caught up in my studies
  3. I had a mega fight with my girl-friend and it is rather bad. (She does not want to see my face)
  4. I am learning Maya 8.5 PLE
  5. I played Left 4 Dead yesterday
  6. I Learnt Maya the whole day
  7. Just finished reading on Deadlocks
  8. I apologized to my girl-friend (Prisca) and got no response
  9. Nick said the movie "Watchmen" is promising
  10. Tomorrow is Saturday
  11. I have 4 mega assignments to do (If my counting is right)
  12. I have major interests in photography (cannot afford equipments)
  13. I love color blue
  14. I am hard working but lazy
  15. I love programming in PHP
  16. I will be learning AJAX soon
  17. I have not gone to university today
  18. I am not feeling well
  19. I cannot make conversations
  20. My girl-friend said "Falling in love is easy but hard to maintain". It is true
  21. I am bad at what I do
  22. I play Mafia Wars in Facebook
  23. I love graphics design
  24. I will learn Adobe Photoshop eventually
  25. I need time to understand myself
  26. I am complicated
  27. I need very much of attention
  28. I am so bad at language
  29. I want to learn Japanese
  30. I want to own a Trimaran
  31. I want to have 3 kids
  32. I bought a 650w Cooler Master PSU
  33. I hope I can continue writing tit bits
  34. I am still waiting for a response
  35. Looks like my Alexa Rank updated
  36. I use TL
  37. I use Demonoid
  38. The Pirate Bay's case is very interesting
  39. Navina Elliah is a good friend of mine
  40. Nick is my teacher
  41. I love reading
  42. I have written one entry in a slam book the first time
  43. I care for my friends (they care for me even though they do not show it)
  44. carrotmadman6 is a fabulous blogger
  45. I am missing Zi
  46. Where the hell is Preetesh
  47. I coded Freetraders
  48. I am loving Terminator - The Sarah Connor's Chronicles
  49. I watch Anime
  50. One Piece is a great show