03 January 2009

The absolute objectives that I must achieve in 2009

The new year is already here and things goes on as it was. It is now time to think forward. Let me try to just throw way some of the objectives that I need to achieve.

  1. Second semester at UOM will start this January. Time to work hard for the exams. I just need to have a good result and get topped up in third year
  2. Blog more. Let the quotes be part of the routine and write interesting articles. I don't know how, but the spirit must be here. Yes, I can do it.
  3. Get more subscribers. More subscribers is equal to more readers and more comments. Keep them coming.
  4. A more solid appearance online. More twitter, more followers. More friends in Facebook. Well, more and more.
  5. More sports for me. Time to learn something new and excel.
  6. Learn Japanese. Japanese is a very interesting and fun language. So be it, learn it.
  7. More photoshop. I really need a good dose of photoshop
  8. Learn photography. You know, the world is not the same boring thing through the view finder.
  9. Be good at web development and get a job.
  10. Do great things in 2009
These are the few things that I need to do. wish me luck. :) And as for you, wait for another post of mine.


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