21 November 2009

What if you got 22 Million in loto?

Today, it is the third draw of the Loto, in Mauritius and the first time I have played.

What would you have done if you got 22 Million Rupees in loto?

  • Stopped studying?
  • Take a trip to explore the continents?
  • Buy yourself a car?
  • Pay tax for all your life?
  • Make a donation?
  • Help your siblings to have better education?
Taking a dollar ($1) to be Rs 30 (MRU).
22,000,000 = $(22,000,000/30) = $ 733333.3333333333
Is that a lot for you dudes and dudettes? Some friends said, they would just be doing nothing, just relax for all their life. :/

I would perhaps sponsor the studies of my cousins and brother and build an eco-friendly house.

I love spaces, so I would care that there are enough spaces everywhere and have pretty much of plants to have a natural environment.

Well, I am not the winner of the 22 Million rupees, i should be toiling hard to make all this happen. :)

Have a great evening people.

07 November 2009

Got Google Wave invitation

I have got 8 Google Wave invitations and I don't quite know what I will do with these precious invites.

Anyone got ideas? ;)

I know I should be inviting people, but who?

16 October 2009

Better Mauritius

What's the plan?
We must all be having ideas how to make a better Mauritius. Am I right? I am trying to setup a common platform where people can suggest ideas and discuss.

At first it seemed an appealing ideas, the more I thought about it, the less appealing it became. :/ The next thing I did before the idea totally slipped through, I created a facebook page. This is only the first step towards maybe a bigger thing.

Can can you do?
  • Become a fan and participate in the facebook page
  • Talk about this idea on your blog
  • Think about what can be done more and blog about it
  • Send me an email with suggestions or a link to your blog post on neel [dot] ramputh [at] gmail [dot] com
Those who believes in this idea and want to help are most welcomed. Almost all the activities will be done on facebook at start. Later on you can help me figure out what can be done.

There are many things that must be done. I am looking for help.

Thanks, Neelesh

09 October 2009

Re-Booting - Make Your Suggestions

How do you spend your time? I find it hard to properly manage my time. This has got many impacts:
  • Cannot read enough
  • Cannot read enough feeds
  • Cannot blog
  • Cannot tweet
  • Cannot watch movies
  • Cannot watch anime
  • Cannot read mangas
  • Cannot work on personal projects
  • Cannot be active socially
All the above are the victims of one just one thing, the want to go to sleep early. Unlike, my friends, I am to bed about 22.30. Is that a good thing?

There are some friends who are up as late as 02.00 or even 03.00. How can they do that?

How can I get the maximum, while sleeping early? Make your suggestions.

24 September 2009

Feeling Linked

One cannot ignore the feeling of loneliness creeping up in our skin. Feeling rejected, nobody to confide in and most importantly losing confidence in oneself. This do happen when you do not feel linked.

I would describe "feeling linked" as having a special relationship with any kind of entity; a person, an object, an animal, the nature. Well anything that a human can get attached to.

This whole process of "feeling linked" is a projection of our mind when we are benefiting a feel good factor of any in a relationship. Don't you feel linked when you care about someone, you have sex with your partner, you satisfactorily completed a task of any kind.

Among all the ways of maintaining relationships, the most difficult one is human-human. We always have divergence of opinions that splits us. Can we overlook all kinds of divergence and converge as a single body? No, we can't. Look around! Can you see all the conflicting hearts?

Being able to make conversation with people is yet another way to feel linked. Sharing your thoughts, experience; well sharing your experience in short. I would call that doing some "bondings".

I personally feel not so at ease at making conversation. It like I am making an effort to talk to people. Why is that so? I am someone reserved? Or I just don't want to make conversation? I would rather say, it's the former.

This particular situation comes when someone has been oppressed for a long time by a stronger power. This breaks one's "relations" making faculty. (From where did I found that?). Or even by some kind of event in one life.

Either way, you should always try to feel linked in your life. Only then that you would be able to have a rich and healthy life.

Love and get loved. That is the chain of "feeling linked". Happy loving.

10 September 2009

Fixing what is not broken

I have changed my blogger theme, and this is how it looks.

You know what template I am using?

It looks so broken, yet it is not. :P A representative name, W like in Wikipedia :P, has written it in such a way that there is minimum usage of widgets and focus is made on what we would want.

This template is not for those who would not want to get their hand dirty with html, css and javascript. :)

Bit by bit, I hope I can get it working.

07 September 2009

My so weird status messages on facebook!

That is right, I have often heard people complaining, "what are the weird messages that you are writing on facebook" or even some saying "Always seeing twitter".

The best thing I can do, let them die with their ignorance. So, it is a good-bye, twitter updates on facebook.

I have disabled "Publish to stream", in twitter application.

When they can't understand, what the function of delete tag from photos is, I can't expect them to understand what I am talking and what twitter is all about.

Die in your ignorance.

And yes, the "delete my tag story is a good one". LOL. A someone got tagged in a photo and the photo received some attention. That is obvious, those tags will have notifications proportional to the number of responses. So I got a response from a tagged person, "can you remove my tag please?".

Hell yeah, what does that means? huh, you are the one tagged, so you can delete your tag yourself.

Fuck you.

Is our job of simplifying everything as a developer so bad, that a simple delete tag is something difficult to grasp?

So they still believe in "Petit Papa Noel".

Dissertation Time

University has already resumed long back, and yes, I was rather excited. They long holiday is over and time to work.

My third year is not bad, with modules made in heaven for us. In fact, we are blessed with 4 modules to be ran throughout the year. :) 2 cores and 2 electives.

This year we were given the opportunity to choose whatever electives we wanted to do. Yay. Don't ask how it normally is done!!!

Now back to the purpose of this post. It is time for dissertation. I don't really this this will be an issue for me. But, for others it is.

One of my acquaintance even cried. She did not got her first choice. Well, there are some issues concerning the way allocation of dissertation is done. Well, I would not be commenting on this.

I just hope that I will be able to work and have the results at the end of the year.

27 August 2009

Some random photos

Below are some of my attempts to take good shots. Appreciations would be appreciated. :P

Prisca's Mug

Little cousin

Poonam And Beema

After quite some struggling I have been able to embed these 3 amateurish photos in this post. Please comment. :P

28 July 2009

27 July 2009

The Sidebar Real Estate

We have got brains, we need to use them. I happen to notice, my current layout has a lot of "sidebar real estate". I should use them.

First of all zap the Alexa Rank widget. It does not adds pretty much to the blog. :)

What can be added:
  • Twitter Feed
  • Blogroll - AList
  • Some feedback stuffs
I am already short of Ideas. Can you help me?

Neelesh :)

Page Rank #2

I was quite surprised that I got a Page Rank #2.

Thank You Guys

Thank You

The few community members who have linked to my blog has resulted in a rather positive motivational effect. It makes me think of the old memories, where I was fighting for having Page Rank.

I have to come up with something real fast to thank you. :P

Note:This post has been written during my working hours.

26 July 2009

How I kill time

I believe by far this is the worst way someone can kill time. I learn. And a lot. Is that weird? Seeing what my friends normally do, I say, "is something wrong?". They are:
  • Gaming
  • Watching Movies/Tv Shows and the likes
  • Going out
  • And ...
Going back...

About 1 year back, I blogged more often. Frequency? Very frequent. I can still remember I was awarded "Post Of the Week" the first time I emailed "The MBB Panel" to include my blog in their list. This must have motivated me.

Nowadays. It is not so often. About 1+ years back I and InF started GeekScribes. On and Off, I come up with tutorials and all. I don't happen to have that same spirit as before. It is gone. :( Rather sad!!

Going even further, I gamed a lot. It occured when I had my first personal computer. It was not so personal. Everyone at home used it. I can still remember how often it crashed with Windows 98. Later on, upgraded to Windows XP.

Time for confession. I have been using pirated Windows for like all my life. Until recently when I used Windows 7. I was a tester for Microsoft. :P

Indimated by the Pirates from Somali, I decided to use Linux Full time. Quite a good experience. I am open source now. Well, while using Windows, I was primarily using Opensource and freewares. Kind of fed up with all the junkies. Trajans, malware and their brothers and sisters.

And, I like to learn. So it makes some sense to use Linux. How much it contributed in convincing me to use Linux? 0.1% maybe.
  •  C/C++ can be done on Linux
  • Python is available in Linux
  • Java is available in Linux
  • PHP is availalbe in Linux
  • Almost all the languages that I might use is available in Linux.
  • Open Office is here for document processing
  • LyX is here in Linux (I prefer LyX)

Well, the Linux community has matured...

Hmm, where were I? I rember Vice City and Hitman. Had my time. Well, things changed now.

The "objective" of this post was to tell you people why I blog seldomly. I learn a lot. Going to have a dose of "Python". Those who are going to tell me that Python sucks. I propose that they start learning C.

Catch up with you people soon. :)

Quote #13

"Command your men and do it yourself"

24 July 2009

The Blogroll Needs Some Work

As the post title suggests, my blogroll indeed needs some work. Maybe at night I will be working on it. I have scrapped all the links that I previously had.

So who will make it up in the blog roll list?

Quote #12

"Black as hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love"
I believe that would be my way of telling good bye after my near 2 months internship at Vinivi. Next week will be the last time I will be traveling to Pointes Aux Biches. :)

20 May 2009

Life After Exams

Has been quite long that I have blogged over here. :D I have been blogging at GeekScribes and was having exams. Want to know how were the exams going? Catastrophic. I am not the type who can learn a whole big big pot and go to exams the next day.

Doing some assignments have been great. I have been productive at them. Done a great job.

This for instance. I have been able to score an "above expectation". But was it worth it? I guess not. The exams have a major importance in how "Mauritius works". :-/

Friday would be last day of torture. I better give my best shot for it. :D

So What are the Plans?

IMHO, it would be playing left 4 dead online. It would be full of team speak and hopefully for a cracked l4d server.

Seriously I am thinking of doing internship. Any web company willing? On the university's forum (cse) there is mention of Vinivi willing for an intake. But I would so want to get a decent salary so as I can save some.

Get my hand dirty with some twitter api. I have had some tweets with the support dept about the api. I am waiting for another response. So where am I planning to use it? Just hope you see it

Kind of, I will need to learn more on php security. The internet is full of guides. Yatai. :D

About the "project" I will update you on it later. :D

Yasir talked about going to Ile Aux Cerfs. That is a good idea. I so want a DSLR. Hey, do you think I am willing to work to buy one? I so envy my friend Heetesh who can work and buy his own stuffs. xD

I always wanted to learn Graphics Design so much. This time will I be able to? Or will I just be lazy lazy.

I guess it would just be freedom after exams. :D That is it.

28 February 2009

Quote #11

"The best teachers of humanity are the lives of great men."

The top 10 most important things I will do before I turn 30

"Action may not always be happiness, but there is no happiness without action"
If we want to have a life of purpose we should do somthing. Most probably it would be from nobody to somebody. I am not going to talk on how you can do it. It is something rather complex. Why the choice of 30? No, it is not the golden age. In short, it means nothing. It is just 3 multiplied by 10. :P
  1. Own a company
  2. Have 2 children. (I want 3 though)
  3. Have my own house
  4. Finish my studies. (Does that mean do PHD?)
  5. Own a car
  6. Own a trimaran
  7. Be settled in life
  8. Do a major donation in some home
  9. Helps some NGOs fighting for animals
  10. Tour the world.
Many of the above mentioned points are rather irealistic. I found something to write about even though. OMG I am already 21. :D Times flies.

27 February 2009

Random Stuffs

Trying to resume from long time of no blogging. Lets write some random stuffs. :)

  1. I don't know what to blog
  2. I am caught up in my studies
  3. I had a mega fight with my girl-friend and it is rather bad. (She does not want to see my face)
  4. I am learning Maya 8.5 PLE
  5. I played Left 4 Dead yesterday
  6. I Learnt Maya the whole day
  7. Just finished reading on Deadlocks
  8. I apologized to my girl-friend (Prisca) and got no response
  9. Nick said the movie "Watchmen" is promising
  10. Tomorrow is Saturday
  11. I have 4 mega assignments to do (If my counting is right)
  12. I have major interests in photography (cannot afford equipments)
  13. I love color blue
  14. I am hard working but lazy
  15. I love programming in PHP
  16. I will be learning AJAX soon
  17. I have not gone to university today
  18. I am not feeling well
  19. I cannot make conversations
  20. My girl-friend said "Falling in love is easy but hard to maintain". It is true
  21. I am bad at what I do
  22. I play Mafia Wars in Facebook
  23. I love graphics design
  24. I will learn Adobe Photoshop eventually
  25. I need time to understand myself
  26. I am complicated
  27. I need very much of attention
  28. I am so bad at language
  29. I want to learn Japanese
  30. I want to own a Trimaran
  31. I want to have 3 kids
  32. I bought a 650w Cooler Master PSU
  33. I hope I can continue writing tit bits
  34. I am still waiting for a response
  35. Looks like my Alexa Rank updated
  36. I use TL
  37. I use Demonoid
  38. The Pirate Bay's case is very interesting
  39. Navina Elliah is a good friend of mine
  40. Nick is my teacher
  41. I love reading
  42. I have written one entry in a slam book the first time
  43. I care for my friends (they care for me even though they do not show it)
  44. carrotmadman6 is a fabulous blogger
  45. I am missing Zi
  46. Where the hell is Preetesh
  47. I coded Freetraders
  48. I am loving Terminator - The Sarah Connor's Chronicles
  49. I watch Anime
  50. One Piece is a great show

14 January 2009

Twitter cursebird showoff

LMFAO when i read, ncreations swears lika a mute, I guess I will need to work harder to get a good score.

Lets do it, go to cursebird, search for your username and screen shot your score and link back to the weblog or the place you seen the cursebird showoff.

P.S, let "Twitter cursebird showoff" be the title etiquette.

See you soon enough

Troubles with Alexa Rank

With my previous blogging experience I had been able to get that alexa rank working right away. I just needed to go to my technorati account and claim blog.

And it worked like magic. I could see my alexa rank. Shooting from over 2 million and dropping and rising. But now, when I look at my alexa rank, it just gives me not the alexa rank of my blog but of, which is #9. You can see it in my blog's widget.

So today folks, I want to hear your comments. councel me how I should get it working. Thanks in advance. :)

Quote #10

"Copying from a single source is called plagiarism, copying from multiple source is called research"

13 January 2009

Quote #9

"Action may not always be happiness but there is no happiness without action"

12 January 2009

11 January 2009

10 January 2009

03 January 2009

The absolute objectives that I must achieve in 2009

The new year is already here and things goes on as it was. It is now time to think forward. Let me try to just throw way some of the objectives that I need to achieve.

  1. Second semester at UOM will start this January. Time to work hard for the exams. I just need to have a good result and get topped up in third year
  2. Blog more. Let the quotes be part of the routine and write interesting articles. I don't know how, but the spirit must be here. Yes, I can do it.
  3. Get more subscribers. More subscribers is equal to more readers and more comments. Keep them coming.
  4. A more solid appearance online. More twitter, more followers. More friends in Facebook. Well, more and more.
  5. More sports for me. Time to learn something new and excel.
  6. Learn Japanese. Japanese is a very interesting and fun language. So be it, learn it.
  7. More photoshop. I really need a good dose of photoshop
  8. Learn photography. You know, the world is not the same boring thing through the view finder.
  9. Be good at web development and get a job.
  10. Do great things in 2009
These are the few things that I need to do. wish me luck. :) And as for you, wait for another post of mine.

Quote #5

"A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush"

02 January 2009

Quote #4

"A budget is a plan to go broke methodically"

01 January 2009

Quote #3

"Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"